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Written and Erased

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First single from the upcoming 2023 release.


Watched the sunset from the edge of the world
Watched morning start just the same
Searched the night sky for constellations
Now upside down by name

Traveled all around the world, to see a stripped down stage
Bought notebooks by the bundle, and filled up every page
Many times I tried and tried to find the words for you
Find the words that paint the picture and see this story through

I've fumbled and I've stammered to describe those eyes I chased
Poems, prose, soliloquies, all written and erased
So here's to our adventures, staring down the odds
Finding silver linings amongst the sleet, snow and fog

The way the fog hugs the forest, the way the mist meets the bay
The stillness after snowfall, before anyone is awake
All these things I remember, because I was there with you
I couldnt find the words, I hope moments will do

So I lay here stumped, at an utter loss for words
Thinking of novels and sunsets, the wonders of the world
Prineville and Selfoss, Red Sands and the sea
Counting my blessings, that you're right here with me

Sometimes I think I've got it, Ive finally written the song
But then I choose silence, In case Ive gotten it all wrong
So I sit here and I watch you, marvel at your heart
Maybe something's are too great, to reduce to just art